Effortless minute taking.

Takeminutes makes it easy to take minutes from your meetings and to cooperate with your team.

Collaborative minutes

Allow your team to see and edit in real time the notes you're taking.

Say bye to broadcasting corrections after minutes are sent.

Avoid your teammates having to spell you details and let them fill the data themselves.

Allows your teammates to correct you if you wrote a mistake.


Opinionated format

We support one unique simple format to let users forget about formatting and aesthetics.

A meeting has a title and topics with tasks.

All your meeting notes will have the same format.

Export your minutes anywhere

Our export tool supports a directly copy to clipboard export so you can paste it into your email.

Export to Markdown file if you require to archive them or sending as an attachment.

More export options in the future...

Simple and clean interface

Clean and focused interface that works both in browser and mobile devices.

How it works

1Click start meeting.

2Start taking notes.

3Export your minutes.

Do you want to improve your meetings efficiency?

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Made from Spain for the minute takers.

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